The Rubbish Side Show

Rubbish! Debris and detritus are animated through puppetry, aerial performance, ingenius lighting, physical theatre and buffoonery, to create a world of junkyard poetry, full of beauty, wonder and silliness. From a smoking pile of the discarded litter of a wasteful society obsessed with all things shiny and new, Rubbish rises like a phoenix to transport us into a world of pure imagination.

The Rubbish Side Show has performed at various festivals and cabarets and most impressively, we had our own area at The Big Chill which was jam-packed with workshops, site specific rubbish art and random happenings (including The World's Largest Slow Motion Punch-up).  We've explored many aspects of the unique potential of plastic bags to form both costume and props.  We've built mobiles and shadow puppets from tin cans.  We've resuced OHPs from obscurity and sourced the best cardboard boxes in London.  And we've explored all possible varieties of black plastic bags.  But so far the Rubbish Side Show had been a series of cabaret acts united only by theme and concern. 

Rumpus Party & Big Chill Festival

Photos Rumpus: Violetta Pau, Big Chill: Matt Farrow.

Box & Bag Cabaret Cabron

Bag: Daniel Hernandez
Box: Margherita Franceschi
Direction: Guilem Alba